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Updated Financial Planning Blog

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10 Pieces Of Advice On Getting A Financial Advisor
1 - Get A Recommendation
A personal recommendation is the most effective method to find an IFA that is reliable and independent. Online services can be used to assist you in finding a financial advisor if you don't have an endorsement. In the absence of a personal recommendation then the best way to find an IFA is to utilize VouchedFor*. It allows you to find an IFA near you by searching its database. Additionally, it evaluates financial advisors using genuine customer reviews. Money to the Masses also has struck a deal that lets readers receive an initial 30-60 minutes of consultation* from a Vouchedfor financial advisor who is 5 stars. Click on the link to begin.

2 - Authorisation
Before doing business with an IFA the most important thing to check is their authorisation. Financial advisors have to be licensed to provide financial advice. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the holder of the Financial Services Register. Watch an instructional video to understand how to utilize this register. Check out the top rated Nashville Wealth Management for info.


3 - Qualifications
To provide financial advice, financial advisors should have a variety of qualifications. While the industry standards are constantly changing I personally won't work with someone who hasn't least earned the Diploma in Financial Planning (DipPFS) which was previously known as the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate (AFPC). It is recommended that you select an individual who is either Certified financial planner (CFP), or who is a member of the Chartered status with the Chartered Insurance Institute. These two qualifications prove the financial adviser's financial planning skills. You can verify the credentials of an independent financial adviser via the website of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

4 - Experience
Qualifications are one thing but experience is also important. Some people prefer an adviser who has a few gray hairs as a sign that they've 'been around the block'. The median age for an IFA (in the financial advisory business) is at 58. Although experience is crucial, it should not be without having access to the latest advancements. In addition, the younger advisers have set a new standard in professionalism and qualifications.

5 - References
Request to speak with a few of the IFA clients you're interested in in order to gauge the quality of the service they received. This might not be very insightful given that the IFA can choose the people you talk to but should you find that an IFA does not accept your request, it is possible to ask what the reason is? You can also look at the VouchedFor* reviews of clients for financial advisors on your list of candidates. Check out the top rated Financial Planner Brentwood, TN for examples.


6 - Location
It is obvious that you must meet any person who does business on behalf of you. Therefore, make it easy by selecting an IFA close to where you live. Simply enter your postcode into the box below to instantly locate a financial advisor (IFA) within your region.

7 - Understand what services they offer
There are a variety of services an advisor in the field of finance can provide. You must ensure that you possess the right qualifications to help you in your area. Some advisers offer financial advice on a range of subjects, but they do not offer financial products, whereas others offer advice in certain areas like taxation. Check their credentials, areas of expertise and the firm that they work for. Anyone selling financial products or giving investment advice should be licensed and registered with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

8 - How Often Do They Check Your Situation?
Find out how frequently they do an annual review. A professional financial advisor should ensure that they review your financial situation at least once a year. Although many financial advisers perform a more thorough analysis every year, it is enough to ensure that your financial plan stays up with changing circumstances. Have a look at the best Franklin Financial Advisor for info.


9 - Cost
From the very beginning, you must know the charges that you will incur if you follow your advice. An IFA might be compensated commission for certain items they sell, such as mortgage or insurance. Be sure to understand the procedure because you'll be charged regardless of what they tell you. The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) is a requirement for advisers to be more transparent about how much they charge you for giving financial advice. Some IFAs offer a complimentary initial meeting with fees contingent on whether you act upon their recommendation. Some may charge an initial review fee of around PS500. Although the amount that you will pay your financial adviser is contingent upon your needs, they should still be able to give you an estimate of costs based off the work they'll be doing for you.

10 - It Must Be Written
It is important that you request the cost of the services to be revealed in writing before consulting with a financial expert. This makes sure there aren't any surprises and provides a clear understanding of the amount you'll be charged for the services. To make sure that you as well as your financial advisor are completely aware of the work that needs to be performed and the costs involved, ask them to sign a contract in writing.

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